Danger of Third World War serious, real,’ Russia says amid NATO support for

 Russia accused  NATO of  creating  a serious  risk of nuclear war by arming Ukraine in a proxy .battle as Washington and its allies met on Tuesday to pledge the. heavy weapons Kyiv needs to achieve victory 

U.S. officials  have shifted  emphasis this week from speaking mainly about helping Ukraine defend itself to bolder talk of a Ukrainian victory delivering, a blow to Russia’s ability to threaten its neighbors.

They have approved shipments of hundreds of millions of dollars in arms, including artillery and drones they held back from sending in earlier phases of the war.

Nations from around the world stand united in our resolve to support Ukraine in its fight against Russia’s imperial aggression Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said, welcoming officials from more than 40 countries to Ramstein Air Base in Germany, headquarters of U.S. air power in Europe, Ukraine clearly believes that it can win, and so does everyone here,

In a Marked escalation of Russian rhetoric. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov was asked on state TV about the prospect of a Third World War and whether the current situation was comparable to the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis that nearly caused nuclear war

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