Covid 2021 to 2022

 Post covid, 2021-22 

 has been the most challenging financial year ever in my entrepreneurial journey. We observed more than double the growth, however super tough to control covid after effects. 

I had to mortgage everything. My home my papa’s flour mill in village, every small piece of land. I did all for my employees. I gained many loyal employees in toughest times and many good employees chose to move on even after being paid well in covid, as I could not pay on time this particular year. I acknowledge. But I paid, I paid well in all extreme covid months, gave hike to all my employees, stood by them and still paying handsomely. I have seen the best of the days in my venture and the most challenging times too. 

The company is growing month on month and as a founder with no collateral, no parked money of parents, it has been super struggling journey but we are committed to serve more than 100 employees and we aim to become team of 250 in 2022-23. 

I am not a venture who has got or could avail any government policy. I have not been considered by any bank for a loan at low interest. Choosing local money lenders was a big pain. I am not a venture who ever bribed. I am not a venture who ever saved on or manipulated taxes. I am not a venture whom banks happily believed being in rural and being a woman, they never believed in me. 

We are proud we are highly ethical venture, with honest soul and our success is sure. I am thankful to all who stood by my side this financial year, showed patience and those too who shockingly left me forever. I have all the courage to pull up

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