What is cement? Advantage and disadvantage of cement


Cement is a fine powder created from crushed limestone and Clay, these materials act as a glue like binder to hold concrete together, apart from limestone and Clay cement can be made from many other materials, but it can never be used on it own, in the old day cement was made from burnt limestone brick volcanics ash and crushed rock

Advantage of cement

Cement is an excellent construction materials that uses for its High building strength

You can find general used cement in virtually building work

Cement is specifically used in structural elements where high strength is required at an early period of time

There after 5 type of cement ranging from general use type to higher straight type as well as Portland cement you require can easily be found in diy and hardware store at affordable

Disadvantage of cement

Cement can be used for large scale construction work since it has higher heat hydration that concrete

The durability of cement is low

Cement is less solid than concrete and prone to cracking, it is also difficult to cure, thus making it unsuitable to movment

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